Dubai Airport Arrivals

Dubai Airport arrivals today – live flight information. Find the latest status information for flights arriving at Dubai International Airport DXB. This information is automatically updated.

Tabuk (TUU)FZ 924Fly Dubai15:05 PMScheduled
Sialkot (SKT)PK 179Pakistan International Airlines15:00 PMScheduled
Cairo (CAI)MS 912Egyptair15:00 PMScheduled
Baku (GYD)FZ 710Fly Dubai15:00 PMScheduled
Madurai (IXM)SG 23Spicejet14:45 PMScheduled
Zanzibar (ZNZ)FZ 1260Fly Dubai14:45 PMScheduled
Jeddah (JED)EK 806Emirates14:45 PMScheduled
Asmara (ASM)FZ 8500Fly Dubai14:35 PMScheduled
Shiraz (SYZ)FZ 242Fly Dubai14:35 PMScheduled
Riyadh (RUH)SV 558Saudi Arabian Airlines14:30 PMScheduled
Moscow (SVO)SU 520Aeroflot Russian Airlines14:30 PMScheduled
Moscow (DME)EK 130Emirates14:25 PMScheduled
Moscow (DME)S7 4165S7 Airlines14:25 PMScheduled
Amman (AMM)UA 6537United Airlines14:20 PMScheduled
Amman (AMM)EK 2059Emirates14:20 PMScheduled
Amman (AMM)FZ 148Fly Dubai14:20 PMScheduled
Muscat (MCT)EK 2437Emirates14:20 PMScheduled
Muscat (MCT)FZ 42Fly Dubai14:20 PMScheduled
Male (MLE)EK 659Emirates14:15 PMScheduled
Sydney (SYD)EK 415Emirates14:10 PM14:42 PM (E)Scheduled
Sydney (SYD)QF 8415Qantas14:10 PM14:42 PM (E)Scheduled
Lar (LRR)FZ 268Fly Dubai14:00 PMScheduled
Lar (LRR)EK 2091Emirates14:00 PMScheduled
Lahore (LHE)ER 723Fly Europa14:00 PMCancelled
Athens (ATH)A3 958Aegean Airlines13:50 PMScheduled
Athens (ATH)EK 4952Emirates13:50 PMScheduled
Kochi (COK)AI 933Air India Limited13:45 PMScheduled
Kathmandu (KTM)H9 757PEGASUS AIRLINES-13:40 PMScheduled
Kathmandu (KTM)H1 4963Hankook Air US13:40 PMScheduled
Leipzig (LEJ)D0 512DHL Air13:39 PMScheduled
Faisalabad (LYP)EK 2430Emirates13:30 PMScheduled
Sialkot (SKT)EK 2427Emirates13:30 PMScheduled
Sialkot (SKT)FZ 316Fly Dubai13:30 PMScheduled
Faisalabad (LYP)FZ 392Fly Dubai13:30 PMScheduled
Male (MLE)EK 2249Emirates13:30 PMScheduled
Male (MLE)FZ 1208Fly Dubai13:30 PMScheduled
Baku (GYD)FZ 8298Fly Dubai13:25 PMScheduled
Baku (GYD)EK 2255Emirates13:25 PMScheduled
Karachi (KHI)EK 601Emirates13:20 PMScheduled
Tehran (IKA)EK 972Emirates13:20 PMScheduled
Multan (MUX)EK 2103Emirates13:20 PMScheduled
Multan (MUX)FZ 326Fly Dubai13:20 PMScheduled
Chittagong (CGP)EK 2299Emirates13:20 PMScheduled
Chittagong (CGP)FZ 564Fly Dubai13:20 PMScheduled
Alexandria (HBE)FZ 174Fly Dubai13:15 PMScheduled
(DAC)EK 583Emirates13:15 PMScheduled
(DAC)FZ 6583Fly Dubai13:15 PMScheduled
Cologne (CGN)5X 22United Parcel Service13:12 PMScheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)AC 7609Air Canada13:10 PMScheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)TP 6365TAP Portugal13:10 PMScheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)EK 345Emirates13:10 PMScheduled
Basrah (BSR)EK 2079Emirates13:10 PMScheduled
Basrah (BSR)FZ 1230Fly Dubai13:10 PMScheduled
Kolkata (CCU)EK 571Emirates13:10 PMScheduled
Doha (DOH)FZ 4Fly Dubai13:10 PMScheduled
Melbourne (MEL)EK 409Emirates13:05 PM13:04 PM (E)En Route
Melbourne (MEL)QF 8409Qantas13:05 PM13:04 PM (E)En Route
Bangkok (BKK)AC 7602Air Canada13:00 PMScheduled
Bangkok (BKK)TP 6361TAP Portugal13:00 PMScheduled
Bangkok (BKK)EK 375Emirates13:00 PMScheduled
Jeddah (JED)SV 568Saudi Arabian Airlines13:00 PMScheduled
Singapore (SIN)QF 8405Qantas13:00 PMScheduled
Singapore (SIN)TP 6353TAP Portugal13:00 PMScheduled
Singapore (SIN)EK 405Emirates13:00 PMScheduled
Delhi (DEL)EK 511Emirates13:00 PMScheduled
Alma-ata (ALA)KC 897Air Astana12:55 PMScheduled
Colombo (CMB)EK 651Emirates12:55 PMScheduled
Colombo (CMB)MK 9937Air Mauritius12:55 PMScheduled
Colombo (CMB)AC 7564Air Canada12:55 PMScheduled
Kochi (COK)EK 531Emirates12:55 PMScheduled
Riyadh (RUH)EK 2267Emirates12:50 PMScheduled
Baghdad (BGW)IA 123Iraqi Airways12:50 PMScheduled
Riyadh (RUH)FZ 848Fly Dubai12:50 PMScheduled
Bangalore (BLR)EK 565Emirates12:45 PMScheduled
Karachi (KHI)FZ 334Fly Dubai12:45 PMScheduled
Karachi (KHI)EK 2111Emirates12:45 PMScheduled
(KWI)EK 856Emirates12:45 PMScheduled
Mahe (SEZ)EK 706Emirates12:45 PMScheduled
Kabul (KBL)FZ 302Fly Dubai12:40 PMScheduled
Riyadh (RUH)EK 820Emirates12:35 PMScheduled
Bahrain (BAH)EK 838Emirates12:35 PMScheduled
Tehran (IKA)W5 63Mahan Air12:30 PMScheduled
Chah Bahar (ZBR)IV 7950Caspian Airlines12:30 PMScheduled
Hargeisa (HGA)FZ 662Fly Dubai12:30 PMScheduled
Colombo (CMB)FZ 580Fly Dubai12:30 PMScheduled
Muscat (MCT)CZ 7886China Southern Airlines12:25 PMScheduled
Sialkot (SKT)EK 621Emirates12:25 PMScheduled
Muscat (MCT)AC 7591Air Canada12:25 PMScheduled
Muscat (MCT)QF 8863Qantas12:25 PMScheduled
Muscat (MCT)EK 863Emirates12:25 PMScheduled
Tehran (IKA)EK 2374Emirates12:25 PMScheduled
Tehran (IKA)FZ 1820Fly Dubai12:25 PMScheduled
Madras (MAA)EK 545Emirates12:25 PM12:04 PM (E)En Route
(KWI)KU 671Kuwait Airways12:20 PMScheduled
Tselinograd (NQZ)FZ 1308Fly Dubai12:20 PM12:38 PM (E)Scheduled
Tselinograd (NQZ)EK 2333Emirates12:20 PM12:38 PM (E)Scheduled
Doha (DOH)FZ 2Fly Dubai12:20 PMScheduled
Manila (MNL)EK 337Emirates12:15 PM12:08 PM (E)En Route
Manila (MNL)FZ 6337Fly Dubai12:15 PM12:08 PM (E)En Route
Istanbul (IST)TK 764Turkish Airlines12:15 PM12:48 PM (E)Scheduled
Male (MLE)EK 657Emirates12:15 PM12:06 PM (E)En Route
Istanbul (IST)BI 3621Royal Brunei Airlines12:15 PM12:48 PM (E)Scheduled
Hyderabad (HYD)EK 527Emirates12:10 PM11:42 AM (E)En Route
Delhi (DEL)AI 917Air India Limited12:10 PMScheduled
Kathmandu (KTM)FZ 1134Fly Dubai12:10 PM12:23 PM (E)En Route
Kathmandu (KTM)EK 2263Emirates12:10 PM12:23 PM (E)En Route
Shanghai (PVG)EK 305Emirates12:05 PM12:04 PM (E)En Route
Amman (AMM)RJ 610Royal Jordanian12:05 PMScheduled
Bahrain (BAH)GF 504Gulf Air12:05 PMScheduled
Bahrain (BAH)CX 1944Cathay Pacific12:05 PMScheduled
Bahrain (BAH)TK 8344Turkish Airlines12:05 PMScheduled
Riyadh (RUH)SV 596Saudi Arabian Airlines12:00 PMScheduled
Riyadh (RUH)SU 4131Aeroflot Russian Airlines12:00 PMScheduled
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)EK 222Emirates12:00 PM11:21 AM (E)En Route
Dammam (DMM)XY 811Nas Air11:55 AMScheduled
Baku (GYD)J2 11Azerbaijan Airlines11:55 AMScheduled
Baku (GYD)S7 4133S7 Airlines11:55 AMScheduled
(DAC)FZ 502Fly Dubai11:50 AM11:00 AM (E)En Route
(DAC)EK 2331Emirates11:50 AM11:00 AM (E)En Route
Jeddah (JED)FZ 832Fly Dubai11:50 AMScheduled
Jeddah (JED)EK 2259Emirates11:50 AMScheduled
Dammam (DMM)AC 7584Air Canada11:45 AMScheduled
Dammam (DMM)QF 8828Qantas11:45 AMScheduled
Dammam (DMM)UA 6595United Airlines11:45 AMScheduled
Dammam (DMM)EK 828Emirates11:45 AMScheduled
Moscow (VKO)EK 2467Emirates11:45 AM11:04 AM (E)En Route
Moscow (VKO)FZ 968Fly Dubai11:45 AM11:04 AM (E)En Route
Beirut (BEY)ME 426Middle East Airlines11:45 AMEn Route
Riyadh (RUH)F3 505Rog-Air11:45 AMScheduled
Mumbai (BOM)EK 505Emirates11:40 AMScheduled
Basrah (BSR)IA 127Iraqi Airways11:40 AMScheduled
Larnaca (LCA)DX 106DAT Danish Air Transport11:40 AMScheduled
Mangalore (IXE)IX 383Air India Express11:35 AM11:00 AM (E)En Route
Islamabad (ISB)EK 613Emirates11:35 AM11:17 AM (E)En Route
Islamabad (ISB)AC 7571Air Canada11:35 AM11:17 AM (E)En Route
Beijing (PEK)EK 309Emirates11:35 AM11:21 AM (E)En Route
Tashkent (TAS)HH 725Qanot Sharq11:30 AMScheduled
Chittagong (CGP)BS 343US-Bangla Airlines11:30 AM12:06 PM (E)Scheduled
Tashkent (TAS)C6 72511:30 AMScheduled
Surat (STV)6E 1507IndiGo Airlines11:30 AM11:02 AM (E)En Route
Tselinograd (NQZ)FZ 1304Fly Dubai11:25 AM10:56 AM (E)En Route
Tselinograd (NQZ)EK 2195Emirates11:25 AM10:56 AM (E)En Route
Doha (DOH)QR 1022Qatar Airways11:25 AMScheduled
Dammam (DMM)EK 2461Emirates11:25 AMScheduled
Dammam (DMM)FZ 884Fly Dubai11:25 AMScheduled
Erbil (EBL)IA 107Iraqi Airways11:25 AMScheduled
Peshawar (PEW)EK 637Emirates11:20 AM10:47 AM (E)En Route
Jeddah (JED)XY 501Nas Air11:15 AM10:38 AM (E)En Route
Jeddah (JED)ET 1166Ethiopian Airlines11:15 AM10:38 AM (E)En Route
Lahore (LHE)EK 625Emirates11:15 AMScheduled
Lahore (LHE)AC 7579Air Canada11:15 AMScheduled
Ahmedabad (AMD)EK 541Emirates11:15 AMScheduled
Toronto (YYZ)EK 242Emirates11:15 AM10:38 AM (E)En Route
Amritsar (ATQ)SG 55Spicejet11:10 AMScheduled
Minsk 2 (MSQ)B2 717Belavia Belarusian Airlines11:10 AM11:00 AM (E)En Route
Tehran (IKA)B9 9720Iranair Tours11:05 AMScheduled
Calicut (CCJ)IX 345Air India Express11:05 AMScheduled
Tashkent (TAS)HY 333Uzbekistan Airways11:00 AMScheduled
Damascus (DAM)RB 515Syrian Arab Airlines11:00 AMScheduled
Cologne (CGN)5X 270United Parcel Service10:56 AM10:47 AM (E)En Route
Cairo (CAI)SQ 6043Singapore Airlines10:55 AM10:26 AM (E)En Route
Cairo (CAI)A3 1310Aegean Airlines10:55 AM10:26 AM (E)En Route
Tselinograd (NQZ)KC 205Air Astana10:55 AM10:47 AM (E)En Route
Cairo (CAI)MS 901Egyptair10:55 AM10:26 AM (E)En Route
Delhi (DEL)6E 1461IndiGo Airlines10:50 AM10:38 AM (E)En Route
Islamabad (ISB)PA 218Airblue10:45 AM10:36 AM (E)En Route
(KWI)EK 2043Emirates10:40 AMScheduled
(KWI)FZ 54Fly Dubai10:40 AMScheduled
Peshawar (PEW)PK 283Pakistan International Airlines10:40 AM10:26 AM (E)En Route
Calicut (CCJ)FZ 430Fly Dubai10:40 AM09:56 AM (E)En Route
Calicut (CCJ)EK 2164Emirates10:40 AM09:56 AM (E)En Route
Moscow (VKO)FZ Fly Dubai10:38 AMScheduled
Riyadh (RUH)ET 1869Ethiopian Airlines10:35 AMScheduled
Riyadh (RUH)XY 201Nas Air10:35 AMScheduled
Hyderabad (HYD)6E 1465IndiGo Airlines10:25 AM10:09 AM (E)En Route
Bangalore (BLR)6E 1485IndiGo Airlines10:25 AM10:17 AM (E)En Route
Lucknow (LKO)FZ 444Fly Dubai10:15 AM10:13 AM (E)En Route
Lucknow (LKO)EK 2243Emirates10:15 AM10:13 AM (E)En Route
Doha (DOH)QR 1006Qatar Airways10:15 AMScheduled
Delhi (DEL)XC 11Corendon Airlines10:10 AM09:56 AM (E)En Route
Muscat (MCT)OV 243Omskavia Airline10:10 AMScheduled
(KWI)J9 121Jazeera Airways10:05 AM09:54 AM (E)En Route
Brisbane (BNE)EK 431Emirates10:05 AM09:41 AM (E)En Route
Brisbane (BNE)QF 8431Qantas10:05 AM09:41 AM (E)En Route
Mumbai (BOM)AI 909Air India Limited10:00 AM09:47 AM (E)En Route
Jeddah (JED)AZ 5421Alitalia09:55 AM09:20 AM (E)En Route
Moscow (SVO)SU 524Aeroflot Russian Airlines09:55 AM09:32 AM (E)En Route
Jeddah (JED)SV 566Saudi Arabian Airlines09:55 AM09:20 AM (E)En Route
Jeddah (JED)SU 4127Aeroflot Russian Airlines09:55 AM09:20 AM (E)En Route
Muscat (MCT)WY 603Oman Air09:50 AM09:28 AM (E)En Route
Muscat (MCT)TK 8703Turkish Airlines09:50 AM09:28 AM (E)En Route
Bahrain (BAH)GF 502Gulf Air09:50 AM09:22 AM (E)En Route
Bahrain (BAH)TK 8342Turkish Airlines09:50 AM09:22 AM (E)En Route
Bahrain (BAH)CX 1942Cathay Pacific09:50 AM09:22 AM (E)En Route
Mumbai (BOM)6E 1451IndiGo Airlines09:40 AM09:34 AM (E)En Route
Delhi (DEL)AI 929Air India Limited09:30 AM09:34 AM (E)En Route
Tehran (IKA)W5 61Mahan Air09:30 AM09:20 AM (E)En Route
Riyadh (RUH)SV 562Saudi Arabian Airlines09:25 AM08:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riyadh (RUH)AZ 5424Alitalia09:25 AM08:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madras (MAA)6E 1471IndiGo Airlines09:10 AM08:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sialkot (SKT)PK 479Pakistan International Airlines09:00 AM08:41 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tbilisi (TBS)FZ 714Fly Dubai08:55 AM09:06 AM (E)En Route
Tbilisi (TBS)EK 2203Emirates08:55 AM09:06 AM (E)En Route
Moscow (VKO)EK 2253Emirates08:50 AM09:01 AM (E)En Route
Moscow (VKO)FZ 966Fly Dubai08:50 AM09:01 AM (E)En Route
Alma-ata (ALA)EK 2061Emirates08:50 AM09:10 AM (E)Scheduled
Alma-ata (ALA)FZ 1854Fly Dubai08:50 AM09:10 AM (E)Scheduled
Novosibirsk (OVB)FZ 964Fly Dubai08:40 AM08:28 AMLanded / Taxiing
Novosibirsk (OVB)EK 2409Emirates08:40 AM08:28 AMLanded / Taxiing
Samara (KUF)FZ 996Fly Dubai08:35 AM07:56 AMLanded / Taxiing
Samara (KUF)EK 2309Emirates08:35 AM07:56 AMLanded / Taxiing
Karachi (KHI)PK 113Pakistan International Airlines08:33 AMEn Route
Kigali (KGL)WB 304Rwandair Express08:30 AMScheduled
Dublin (DUB)EK 164Emirates08:30 AM08:16 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dublin (DUB)QF 8164Qantas08:30 AM08:16 AMLanded / Taxiing
Johannesburg (JNB)SA 7162South African Airways08:20 AM08:14 AMLanded / Taxiing
Johannesburg (JNB)EK 766Emirates08:20 AM08:14 AMLanded / Taxiing
Chimkent (CIT)EK 2162Emirates08:15 AM07:39 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sialkot (SKT)FZ 338Fly Dubai08:15 AM08:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sialkot (SKT)EK 2115Emirates08:15 AM08:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Chimkent (CIT)FZ 748Fly Dubai08:15 AM07:39 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bucharest (OTP)FZ 1796Fly Dubai08:10 AM07:46 AM (E)En Route
Bucharest (OTP)EK 2380Emirates08:10 AM07:46 AM (E)En Route
(FRU)FZ 1690Fly Dubai08:10 AM07:58 AMLanded / Taxiing
(FRU)EK 2419Emirates08:10 AM07:58 AMLanded / Taxiing
St. Petersburg (LED)FZ 992Fly Dubai08:05 AM07:39 AMLanded / Taxiing
Lisbon (LIS)EK 194Emirates08:05 AM07:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Lisbon (LIS)TP 6733TAP Portugal08:05 AM07:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)EK 6Emirates08:05 AM07:53 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)GA 8842Garuda Indonesia08:05 AM07:53 AMLanded / Taxiing
Washington (IAD)EK 232Emirates08:05 AM07:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
Minsk 2 (MSQ)FZ 1716Fly Dubai08:00 AM08:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tiruchirappalli (TRZ)IX 611Air India Express08:00 AM08:05 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riga (RIX)EK 3506Emirates07:55 AM07:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Birmingham (BHX)QF 8038Qantas07:55 AM07:17 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riga (RIX)BT 791Air Baltic07:55 AM07:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Jeddah (JED)EK 802Emirates07:55 AM07:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Birmingham (BHX)EK 38Emirates07:55 AM07:17 AMLanded / Taxiing
Jeddah (JED)MK 9965Air Mauritius07:55 AM07:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Jaipur (JAI)IX 195Air India Express07:50 AM07:47 AMLanded / Taxiing
New York (JFK)EK 204Emirates07:50 AM07:50 AMLanded / Taxiing
Algier (ALG)5K 4062Hi Fly07:50 AM08:18 AMLanded / Taxiing
Diass (DSS)EK 795Emirates07:45 AM08:08 AMLanded / Taxiing
Karachi (KHI)PK 113Pakistan International Airlines07:45 AM08:30 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)FZ 756Fly Dubai07:45 AM08:01 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)EK 2215Emirates07:45 AM08:01 AMLanded / Taxiing
Moscow (VKO)FZ 988Fly Dubai07:45 AM07:45 AMLanded / Taxiing
Moscow (VKO)EK 2323Emirates07:45 AM07:45 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)BA 109British Airways07:35 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)IB 7349Iberia Airlines07:35 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)AA 7157American Airlines07:35 AM07:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LGW)QF 8010Qantas07:35 AM07:16 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LGW)EK 10Emirates07:35 AM07:16 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mineralnye Vody (MRV)EK 2317Emirates07:35 AM07:14 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mineralnye Vody (MRV)FZ 978Fly Dubai07:35 AM07:14 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riyadh (RUH)EK 2465Emirates07:25 AM07:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Manchester (MAN)EK 20Emirates07:25 AM07:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Manchester (MAN)QF 8020Qantas07:25 AM07:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riyadh (RUH)FZ 850Fly Dubai07:25 AM07:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Alma-ata (ALA)EK 2423Emirates07:25 AM07:12 AMLanded / Taxiing
Alma-ata (ALA)FZ 1722Fly Dubai07:25 AM07:12 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tehran (IKA)EK 978Emirates07:20 AM07:19 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kazan (KZN)FZ 974Fly Dubai07:20 AM06:53 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kazan (KZN)EK 2085Emirates07:20 AM06:53 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)EK 144Emirates07:15 AM06:56 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)QF 8144Qantas07:15 AM06:56 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madrid (MAD)AV 6256Avianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia07:15 AM06:56 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dushanbe (DYU)FZ 778Fly Dubai07:10 AM07:07 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (STN)EK 68Emirates07:10 AM06:41 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dushanbe (DYU)EK 2235Emirates07:10 AM07:07 AMLanded / Taxiing
Cairo (CAI)QF 8926Qantas07:10 AM06:58 AMLanded / Taxiing
Cairo (CAI)MK 9927Air Mauritius07:10 AM06:58 AMLanded / Taxiing
Cairo (CAI)EK 926Emirates07:10 AM06:58 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sydney (SYD)EK Emirates07:09 AM07:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mumbai (BOM)FZ 446Fly Dubai07:05 AM06:45 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mumbai (BOM)EK 2137Emirates07:05 AM06:45 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bangalore (BLR)EK 569Emirates07:05 AM06:59 AMLanded / Taxiing
Trivandrum (TRV)EK 523Emirates07:05 AM07:04 AMLanded / Taxiing
Belgrade (BEG)FZ 1750Fly Dubai07:05 AM07:31 AMLanded / Taxiing
Belgrade (BEG)EK 2295Emirates07:05 AM07:31 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riyadh (RUH)EK 816Emirates07:00 AM07:41 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riyadh (RUH)MK 9955Air Mauritius07:00 AM07:41 AMLanded / Taxiing
Beirut (BEY)EK 956Emirates06:55 AM06:25 AMLanded / Taxiing
Yekaterinburg (SVX)EK 2039Emirates06:55 AM06:39 AMLanded / Taxiing
Faisalabad (LYP)EK 2097Emirates06:55 AM06:19 AMLanded / Taxiing
Faisalabad (LYP)FZ 356Fly Dubai06:55 AM06:19 AMLanded / Taxiing
Yekaterinburg (SVX)FZ 980Fly Dubai06:55 AM06:39 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tashkent (TAS)EK 2087Emirates06:50 AM07:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tashkent (TAS)FZ 1942Fly Dubai06:50 AM07:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Samarkand (SKD)FZ 770Fly Dubai06:50 AM06:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kochi (COK)EK 533Emirates06:50 AM06:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bangkok (BKK)EK 371Emirates06:50 AM06:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Samarkand (SKD)EK 2407Emirates06:50 AM06:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
(SPX)FZ 192Fly Dubai06:40 AM05:56 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madras (MAA)EK 543Emirates06:40 AM06:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hyderabad (HYD)EK 525Emirates06:40 AM06:50 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dammam (DMM)EK 824Emirates06:40 AM06:47 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dammam (DMM)QF 8824Qantas06:40 AM06:47 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dammam (DMM)MK 9945Air Mauritius06:40 AM06:47 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)EK 48Emirates06:40 AM06:12 AMLanded / Taxiing
Frankfurt (FRA)QF 8048Qantas06:40 AM06:12 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)GA 8840Garuda Indonesia06:35 AM06:36 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)EK 4Emirates06:35 AM06:34 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)QF 8004Qantas06:35 AM06:34 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)QF 8076Qantas06:35 AM06:36 AMLanded / Taxiing
Paris (CDG)EK 76Emirates06:35 AM06:36 AMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)QF 8052Qantas06:30 AM06:54 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)QF 8150Qantas06:30 AM06:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Munich (MUC)EK 52Emirates06:30 AM06:54 AMLanded / Taxiing
(LUN)EK 714Emirates06:30 AM06:42 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amsterdam (AMS)EK 150Emirates06:30 AM06:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Montreal (YUL)EK 244Emirates06:30 AM06:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
(LUN)UA 6587United Airlines06:30 AM06:42 AMLanded / Taxiing
Delhi (DEL)FZ 442Fly Dubai06:25 AM06:31 AMLanded / Taxiing
Delhi (DEL)EK 2125Emirates06:25 AM06:31 AMLanded / Taxiing
Zurich (ZRH)EK 86Emirates06:25 AM06:21 AMLanded / Taxiing
Zurich (ZRH)QF 8086Qantas06:25 AM06:21 AMLanded / Taxiing
Milano (MXP)EK 92Emirates06:25 AM06:59 AM (E)Scheduled
Milano (MXP)QF 8092Qantas06:25 AM06:59 AM (E)Scheduled
Milano (MXP)GA 8846Garuda Indonesia06:25 AM06:59 AM (E)Scheduled
(KWI)EK 854Emirates06:20 AM06:26 AMLanded / Taxiing
Delhi (DEL)EK 513Emirates06:20 AM06:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
St. Petersburg (LED)EK 176Emirates06:15 AM05:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Vienna (VIE)QF 8126Qantas06:15 AM06:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Vienna (VIE)EK 126Emirates06:15 AM06:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)QF 8182Qantas06:15 AM06:00 AMLanded / Taxiing
Brussels (BRU)EK 182Emirates06:15 AM06:00 AMLanded / Taxiing
Karachi (KHI)FZ 332Fly Dubai06:10 AM06:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Karachi (KHI)EK 2109Emirates06:10 AM06:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Budapest (BUD)FZ 1406Fly Dubai06:10 AM07:02 AMLanded / Taxiing
Budapest (BUD)EK 2453Emirates06:10 AM07:02 AMLanded / Taxiing
Accra (ACC)EK 788Emirates06:10 AM08:22 AM (E)Scheduled
Accra (ACC)QF 8788Qantas06:10 AM08:22 AM (E)Scheduled
Amman (AMM)QF 8906Qantas06:05 AM05:42 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kochi (COK)FZ 454Fly Dubai06:05 AM05:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amman (AMM)TP 6359TAP Portugal06:05 AM05:42 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amman (AMM)EK 906Emirates06:05 AM05:42 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kochi (COK)EK 2251Emirates06:05 AM05:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bahrain (BAH)QF 8836Qantas06:05 AM05:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bahrain (BAH)TP 6377TAP Portugal06:05 AM05:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bahrain (BAH)EK 836Emirates06:05 AM05:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ahmedabad (AMD)EK 539Emirates06:05 AM05:50 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mumbai (BOM)EK 501Emirates06:00 AM06:14 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bangkok (BKK)EK 377Emirates06:00 AM05:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bangkok (BKK)TP 6351TAP Portugal06:00 AM05:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)TK 762Turkish Airlines05:55 AM05:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)NH 6644All Nippon Airways05:55 AM05:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)BI 3603Royal Brunei Airlines05:55 AM05:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)QF 8032Qantas05:50 AM05:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
Colombo (CMB)MK 9935Air Mauritius05:50 AM06:02 AMLanded / Taxiing
Colombo (CMB)EK 649Emirates05:50 AM06:02 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)AV 6250Avianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia05:50 AM05:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)QF 8096Qantas05:50 AM05:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)EK 32Emirates05:50 AM05:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)QF 8084Qantas05:50 AM04:59 AMLanded / Taxiing
Geneva (GVA)EK 84Emirates05:50 AM04:59 AMLanded / Taxiing
Alexandria (HBE)FZ 176Fly Dubai05:50 AM06:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Rome (FCO)EK 96Emirates05:50 AM05:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tokyo (HND)JL 5093Jetall Holdings05:45 AM05:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hamburg (HAM)QF 8062Qantas05:45 AM05:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hamburg (HAM)EK 62Emirates05:45 AM05:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Cape Town (CPT)SA 7156South African Airways05:45 AM06:05 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tokyo (HND)EK 313Emirates05:45 AM05:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Cape Town (CPT)EK 771Emirates05:45 AM06:05 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hyderabad (HYD)FZ 436Fly Dubai05:40 AM05:02 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hyderabad (HYD)EK 2247Emirates05:40 AM05:02 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sydney (SYD)EK 413Emirates05:40 AMresult unknown
Sydney (SYD)QF 8413Qantas05:40 AMresult unknown
Duesseldorf (DUS)EK 58Emirates05:40 AM05:49 AMLanded / Taxiing
Duesseldorf (DUS)QF 8058Qantas05:40 AM05:49 AMLanded / Taxiing
Auckland (AKL)EK 449Emirates05:35 AM05:53 AMLanded / Taxiing
Warsaw (WAW)FZ 1840Fly Dubai05:30 AM05:34 AMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)QF 8188Qantas05:30 AM05:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
Barcelona (BCN)EK 188Emirates05:30 AM05:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
Moscow (DME)S7 4161S7 Airlines05:30 AMresult unknown
Warsaw (WAW)EK 2023Emirates05:30 AM05:34 AMLanded / Taxiing
Moscow (DME)EK 132Emirates05:30 AMresult unknown
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)TP 6355TAP Portugal05:30 AM05:25 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)EK 343Emirates05:30 AM05:25 AMLanded / Taxiing
Jakarta (CGK)BT 5808Air Baltic05:30 AM05:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Jakarta (CGK)FZ 6359Fly Dubai05:30 AM05:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Jakarta (CGK)GA 8853Garuda Indonesia05:30 AM05:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Jakarta (CGK)EK 359Emirates05:30 AM05:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Johannesburg (JNB)SA 7158South African Airways05:25 AM05:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Johannesburg (JNB)EK 764Emirates05:25 AM05:23 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riyadh (RUH)EK 2271Emirates05:25 AM05:17 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riyadh (RUH)FZ 846Fly Dubai05:25 AM05:17 AMLanded / Taxiing
Nairobi (NBO)KQ 304Kenya Airways05:25 AM05:59 AMLanded / Taxiing
Islamabad (ISB)EK 615Emirates05:25 AM06:07 AMLanded / Taxiing
Islamabad (ISB)PA 210Airblue05:25 AM08:56 AM (E)Scheduled
Perth (PER)EK 421Emirates05:20 AM05:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Perth (PER)QF 8421Qantas05:20 AM05:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Colombo (CMB)FZ 570Fly Dubai05:20 AM05:18 AMLanded / Taxiing
Melbourne (MEL)EK 407Emirates05:15 AM05:13 AMLanded / Taxiing
Melbourne (MEL)QF 8407Qantas05:15 AM05:13 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tel-aviv (TLV)EK 2346Emirates05:10 AM04:49 AMLanded / Taxiing
Brisbane (BNE)QF 8435Qantas05:10 AM05:00 AMLanded / Taxiing
Brisbane (BNE)EK 435Emirates05:10 AM05:00 AMLanded / Taxiing
Islamabad (ISB)PK 233Pakistan International Airlines05:10 AM05:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tel-aviv (TLV)FZ 1808Fly Dubai05:10 AM04:49 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kolkata (CCU)FZ 462Fly Dubai05:10 AM04:53 AMLanded / Taxiing
Prague (PRG)FZ 1782Fly Dubai05:10 AM05:33 AM (E)Diverted
Hanoi (HAN)EK 395Emirates05:05 AM04:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hanoi (HAN)TP 6747TAP Portugal05:05 AM04:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hanoi (HAN)GF 5409Gulf Air05:05 AM04:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hanoi (HAN)AC 7605Air Canada05:05 AM04:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Denpasar (DPS)EK 399Emirates05:05 AM04:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Denpasar (DPS)GA 8855Garuda Indonesia05:05 AM04:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Denpasar (DPS)FZ 6399Fly Dubai05:05 AM04:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Yerevan (EVN)FZ 716Fly Dubai05:00 AM05:08 AMLanded / Taxiing
Durban (DUR)EK 776Emirates05:00 AM04:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
Durban (DUR)SA 7164South African Airways05:00 AM04:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
Beijing (PEK)EK 307Emirates05:00 AM05:15 AMLanded / Taxiing
Shanghai (PVG)EK 303Emirates04:55 AM04:50 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ankara (ESB)VF 549Valuair04:55 AM05:18 AM (E)Scheduled
Singapore (SIN)EK 349Emirates04:55 AM04:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Singapore (SIN)AC 7611Air Canada04:55 AM04:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Nairobi (NBO)EK 722Emirates04:50 AM05:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Nairobi (NBO)QF 8722Qantas04:50 AM05:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Osaka (KIX)EK 317Emirates04:50 AM04:41 AMLanded / Taxiing
Osaka (KIX)JL 5099Jetall Holdings04:50 AM04:41 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)EK 118Emirates04:50 AM04:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Gassim (ELQ)FZ 872Fly Dubai04:45 AM04:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Multan (MUX)FZ 340Fly Dubai04:45 AM04:26 AMLanded / Taxiing
Multan (MUX)EK 2117Emirates04:45 AM04:26 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)EK 42Emirates04:45 AM05:04 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bangkok (BKK)EK 385Emirates04:45 AM04:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bangkok (BKK)TP 6375TAP Portugal04:45 AM04:29 AMLanded / Taxiing
Athens (ATH)EK 104Emirates04:40 AM04:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Athens (ATH)QF 8104Qantas04:40 AM04:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Athens (ATH)A3 3412Aegean Airlines04:40 AM04:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Madinah (MED)EK 2337Emirates04:40 AMresult unknown
Madinah (MED)FZ 828Fly Dubai04:40 AMresult unknown
Jeddah (JED)AF 6686Air France04:35 AM03:50 AMLanded / Taxiing
Jeddah (JED)AZ 5207Alitalia04:35 AM03:50 AMLanded / Taxiing
Jeddah (JED)SV 590Saudi Arabian Airlines04:35 AM03:50 AMLanded / Taxiing
(DAC)EK 585Emirates04:30 AM04:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
(DAC)FZ 6585Fly Dubai04:30 AM04:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Entebbe (EBB)UR 444UTair-Express04:30 AM04:34 AMLanded / Taxiing
Islamabad (ISB)PK 233Pakistan International Airlines04:30 AMScheduled
Sydney (SYD)EK 417Emirates04:30 AM06:05 AM (E)Scheduled
Sydney (SYD)QF 8417Qantas04:30 AM06:05 AM (E)Scheduled
Manila (MNL)EK 335Emirates04:30 AM04:39 AMLanded / Taxiing
Manila (MNL)FZ 6335Fly Dubai04:30 AM04:39 AMLanded / Taxiing
Plaisance (MRU)EK 704Emirates04:25 AM05:22 AM (E)Scheduled
Plaisance (MRU)MK 912Air Mauritius04:25 AM05:22 AM (E)Scheduled
Seoul (ICN)EK 323Emirates04:25 AM04:36 AMLanded / Taxiing
Seoul (ICN)KE 5951Korean Air04:25 AM04:36 AMLanded / Taxiing
Trabzon (TZX)XQ 1512SunExpress04:20 AM04:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hong Kong (HKG)TP 6349TAP Portugal04:20 AM04:15 AMLanded / Taxiing
Hong Kong (HKG)EK 381Emirates04:20 AM04:15 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mahe (SEZ)CZ 7879China Southern Airlines04:20 AM03:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Taipei (TPE)EK 367Emirates04:20 AM04:07 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mahe (SEZ)QF 8708Qantas04:20 AM03:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mahe (SEZ)EK 708Emirates04:20 AM03:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ahmedabad (AMD)6E 1477IndiGo Airlines04:15 AM04:10 AMLanded / Taxiing
Singapore (SIN)EK 353Emirates04:15 AM04:13 AMLanded / Taxiing
Singapore (SIN)TP 6356TAP Portugal04:15 AM04:13 AMLanded / Taxiing
Singapore (SIN)QF 8353Qantas04:15 AM04:13 AMLanded / Taxiing
Zanzibar (ZNZ)FZ 1688Fly Dubai04:15 AM03:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Zanzibar (ZNZ)EK 2191Emirates04:15 AM03:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tel-aviv (TLV)FZ 1626Fly Dubai04:15 AM03:42 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tel-aviv (TLV)EK 2451Emirates04:15 AM03:42 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bahrain (BAH)GF 500Gulf Air04:15 AM03:59 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bahrain (BAH)TK 8340Turkish Airlines04:15 AM03:59 AMLanded / Taxiing
Addis Ababa (ADD)UL 3652SriLankan Airlines04:10 AM04:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Addis Ababa (ADD)KP 1121Skylink Aviation04:10 AM04:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Addis Ababa (ADD)PK 8612Pakistan International Airlines04:10 AM04:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Addis Ababa (ADD)ET 612Ethiopian Airlines04:10 AM04:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tokyo (NRT)JL 5095Jetall Holdings04:10 AM04:28 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tokyo (NRT)EK 319Emirates04:10 AM04:28 AMLanded / Taxiing
Guangzhou (CAN)EK 363Emirates04:05 AM03:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Guangzhou (CAN)CZ 7871China Southern Airlines04:05 AM03:44 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kathmandu (KTM)FZ 574Fly Dubai04:05 AMScheduled
Mumbai (BOM)6E 1511IndiGo Airlines04:00 AM03:37 AMLanded / Taxiing
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)EK 393Emirates04:00 AM03:30 AMLanded / Taxiing
Cairo (CAI)A3 1346Aegean Airlines03:55 AM03:53 AMLanded / Taxiing
Beirut (BEY)EK 2063Emirates03:55 AM03:53 AM (E)result unknown
Beirut (BEY)FZ 160Fly Dubai03:55 AM03:53 AM (E)result unknown
Istanbul (SAW)EK 2055Emirates03:55 AM04:31 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (SAW)FZ 754Fly Dubai03:55 AM04:31 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bahrain (BAH)EK 2217Emirates03:55 AM03:55 AMLanded / Taxiing
Cairo (CAI)SQ 6032Singapore Airlines03:55 AM03:53 AMLanded / Taxiing
Cairo (CAI)MS 910Egyptair03:55 AM03:53 AMLanded / Taxiing
Bahrain (BAH)FZ 30Fly Dubai03:55 AM03:55 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mumbai (BOM)SG 59Spicejet03:55 AM03:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mombasa (MBA)EK 2477Emirates03:45 AM03:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)BI 98Royal Brunei Airlines03:45 AM03:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Asmara (ASM)EK 2011Emirates03:45 AM03:39 AMLanded / Taxiing
Asmara (ASM)FZ 646Fly Dubai03:45 AM03:39 AMLanded / Taxiing
(KWI)KU 677Kuwait Airways03:45 AM03:05 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mombasa (MBA)FZ 1290Fly Dubai03:45 AM03:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Karachi (KHI)ET 4357Ethiopian Airlines03:45 AMCancelled
Karachi (KHI)PK 213Pakistan International Airlines03:45 AMCancelled
Karachi (KHI)EK 607Emirates03:45 AM04:05 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amman (AMM)RJ 612Royal Jordanian03:35 AM02:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Seoul (ICN)EK 325Emirates03:35 AM04:19 AMLanded / Taxiing
Port Sudan (PZU)Q4 7542SOCHI AIR EXPRESS03:25 AMScheduled
Tehran (IKA)FZ 1930Fly Dubai03:25 AM03:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tehran (IKA)EK 2491Emirates03:25 AM03:03 AMLanded / Taxiing
Port Sudan (PZU)3T 242Turan Air03:25 AM04:51 AM (E)Scheduled
Doha (DOH)QR 1002Qatar Airways03:15 AM02:55 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (SAW)PC 740Pegasus Airlines03:15 AM04:15 AM (E)Scheduled
Pattaya (UTP)EK 2352Emirates03:10 AM02:50 AMLanded / Taxiing
Phuket (HKT)AC 7615Air Canada03:10 AM03:01 AMLanded / Taxiing
Phuket (HKT)EK 397Emirates03:10 AM03:01 AMLanded / Taxiing
Pattaya (UTP)FZ 1446Fly Dubai03:10 AM02:50 AMLanded / Taxiing
Muscat (MCT)WY 601Oman Air03:10 AM02:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
Port Sudan (PZU)J4 200Badr Airlines03:10 AM03:18 AMLanded / Taxiing
Male (MLE)FZ 1570Fly Dubai03:05 AM02:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Male (MLE)EK 2211Emirates03:05 AM02:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Jeddah (JED)SV 598Saudi Arabian Airlines03:00 AM02:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
(GOI)IX 839Air India Express02:55 AM02:17 AMLanded / Taxiing
Addis Ababa (ADD)ET 600Ethiopian Airlines02:55 AM02:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Addis Ababa (ADD)UL 3653SriLankan Airlines02:55 AM02:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Addis Ababa (ADD)SQ 6070Singapore Airlines02:55 AM02:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Addis Ababa (ADD)PK 8600Pakistan International Airlines02:55 AM02:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Addis Ababa (ADD)KP 1109Skylink Aviation02:55 AM02:46 AMLanded / Taxiing
Lahore (LHE)PK 235Pakistan International Airlines02:55 AM02:45 AMLanded / Taxiing
Lahore (LHE)ET 4361Ethiopian Airlines02:55 AM02:45 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)QF 8030Qantas02:45 AM02:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)GA 8863Garuda Indonesia02:45 AM02:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (LHR)EK 30Emirates02:45 AM02:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
Calicut (CCJ)SG 53Spicejet02:40 AM02:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tbilisi (TBS)FZ 8638Fly Dubai02:35 AM02:14 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tbilisi (TBS)EK 2297Emirates02:35 AM02:14 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amman (AMM)FZ 144Fly Dubai02:35 AM02:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Amman (AMM)EK 2057Emirates02:35 AM02:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Louisville (SDF)5X 76United Parcel Service02:33 AM02:07 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dar Es Salaam (DAR)TC 404Air Tanzania02:30 AM02:38 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (IST)BI 3605Royal Brunei Airlines02:30 AM06:44 AM (E)Scheduled
Istanbul (IST)TK 758Turkish Airlines02:30 AM06:44 AM (E)Scheduled
Lahore (LHE)PA 416Airblue02:25 AM02:26 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)ID 713Baltyka02:25 AM02:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riyadh (RUH)F3 519Rog-Air02:25 AM01:48 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kathmandu (KTM)RA 229Nepal Airlines02:25 AM02:04 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sarajevo (SJJ)FZ 8762Fly Dubai02:20 AM02:28 AMLanded / Taxiing
Sarajevo (SJJ)EK 2463Emirates02:20 AM02:28 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kathmandu (KTM)H1 4995Hankook Air US02:15 AM02:33 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kathmandu (KTM)H9 765PEGASUS AIRLINES-02:15 AM02:33 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riyadh (RUH)CZ 7903China Southern Airlines02:10 AM01:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riyadh (RUH)SV 592Saudi Arabian Airlines02:10 AM01:35 AMLanded / Taxiing
Kochi (COK)SG 18Spicejet02:00 AM01:52 AMLanded / Taxiing
Muscat (MCT)FZ 50Fly Dubai02:00 AM02:00 AMLanded / Taxiing
Muscat (MCT)EK 2342Emirates02:00 AM02:00 AMLanded / Taxiing
Male (MLE)EK 653Emirates02:00 AM01:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
Male (MLE)MK 9939Air Mauritius02:00 AM01:43 AMLanded / Taxiing
Istanbul (SAW)VF 143Valuair02:00 AM04:08 AM (E)Scheduled
Addis Ababa (ADD)FZ 648Fly Dubai01:55 AM03:12 AM (E)Scheduled
Baku (GYD)FZ 8946Fly Dubai01:55 AM01:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Baku (GYD)EK 2469Emirates01:55 AM01:32 AMLanded / Taxiing
Penang (PEN)EK 2390Emirates01:30 AM01:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
(DAC)FZ 524Fly Dubai01:30 AM01:27 AMLanded / Taxiing
(DAC)EK 2287Emirates01:30 AM01:27 AMLanded / Taxiing
Penang (PEN)FZ 1604Fly Dubai01:30 AM01:09 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mumbai (BOM)SG 13Spicejet01:30 AM01:21 AMLanded / Taxiing
Mangalore (IXE)IX 813Air India Express01:25 AM01:07 AMLanded / Taxiing
(DAC)BS 341US-Bangla Airlines01:25 AM01:11 AMLanded / Taxiing
Baku (GYD)FZ 734Fly Dubai01:20 AM01:13 AMLanded / Taxiing
(KWI)EK 860Emirates01:20 AM01:22 AMLanded / Taxiing
Casablanca (CMN)AT 9900Royal Air Maroc01:15 AM02:36 AM (E)Scheduled
Casablanca (CMN)QF 8752Qantas01:15 AM02:36 AM (E)Scheduled
Casablanca (CMN)EK 752Emirates01:15 AM02:36 AM (E)Scheduled
Beirut (BEY)ME 430Middle East Airlines01:15 AM01:06 AMLanded / Taxiing
Angeles City (CRK)FZ 6338Fly Dubai01:15 AM01:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
Angeles City (CRK)EK 338Emirates01:15 AM01:40 AMLanded / Taxiing
Baku (GYD)J2 15Azerbaijan Airlines01:10 AM01:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Baku (GYD)S7 4135S7 Airlines01:10 AM01:24 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tivat (TIV)FZ 750Fly Dubai01:10 AM01:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Tivat (TIV)EK 2417Emirates01:10 AM01:20 AMLanded / Taxiing
Glasgow (GLA)EK 28Emirates01:05 AM01:28 AMLanded / Taxiing
Glasgow (GLA)QF 8028Qantas01:05 AM01:28 AMLanded / Taxiing
Algier (ALG)EK 758Emirates01:05 AM00:45 AMLanded / Taxiing
Larnaca (LCA)QF 8110Qantas01:05 AM00:34 AMLanded / Taxiing
Larnaca (LCA)EK 110Emirates01:05 AM00:34 AMLanded / Taxiing
Riyadh (RUH)XY 213Nas Air01:05 AM00:58 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dammam (DMM)EK 822Emirates01:00 AM01:10 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dammam (DMM)QF 8822Qantas01:00 AM01:10 AMLanded / Taxiing
London (STN)EK 66Emirates01:00 AM00:57 AMLanded / Taxiing
Dammam (DMM)MK 9943Air Mauritius01:00 AM01:10 AMLanded / Taxiing
(S) Scheduled, (E) Estimated
Arrivals information last updated on Jun, 15 2024 09:20 AM (local time)

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