Dubai Airport Duty Free

Dubai Duty Free is a paradise of duty-free shopping located in the Dubai International Airport. With a wide range of cosmetics and perfumes, gold and jewelry, electronics, snuff and alcohol products, which is considered as one of the main airport retail operations in the world.

Dubai Duty Free is famed for its promotions, including luxury car raffle. you can get massive discounts on 20 December, the anniversary of its opening. For example, in 2006, celebrated its 23rd anniversary by offering a discount of 23% for the day.

Dubai Duty Free is open 24 hours a day. Most stores are located in the departure area, although there is a smaller section of the arrivals.

The Middle East is the place to buy gold jewelry in particular. The local souks and modern shopping centers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are full of jewels, gold watches and retailers. Different ct chains can be purchased by the meter, the same way you might with a string of Chandler ships. The fascination that this case is yellow gold, which is more pure, while Western tastes lean toward the white versions. Whatever your preference, it’s all here, and you do not find what you want the center can be picked up at the airport, where gold sales have skyrocketed. Last year, Dubai Duty Free (DDF), the exclusive retailer in Dubai International airport recorded more than $ 120 million on sales of precious metal.

Duty United FreeBut other categories you are tempted, and the temptation is something Dubai Duty Free is good at. In 2008 he broke the barrier of $ 1bn in retail sales a floor of 7,000 square meters, with a team of 3,700 staff members who keep the shops open 24 hours a day. The passengers are attracted by the variety of fragrances that are available here and the exclusive releases often take place in this center, several weeks before they can be found in the local UAE market or even the region. This is also the place to buy traditional Arabic Oudh (oil based) fragrances, easily out doing some Western popular scents like Chanel No. 5 on the price.

Liquor, is also wanted in the Dubai Duty Free shops are. For a federation of Islamic states may seem strange to see liquor available at the airport, but due to the large number of people who transfer here from around the world and all backgrounds, alcoholic beverages are in high demand • relatively cheap compared to other airport stores. Other goods include electronics, cosmetics, luxury goods, sports articles about 70 golf clubs are sold each month, designer clothes, children’s toys and books in all areas.

Dubai Airport Shopping ConcourseThe design principal tax-free international Terminal 1 is like a big department store and consists of two islands, one of gold, precious stones and pearls, and other luxury pen , lighters and watches (DDF is one of the few retailers that sells Rolex airport), around which there are five major “stores.” Two sell liquor and products including snuff habit Casa de Habano which offers an impressive selection of Cuban cigars, is one of the perfumes and cosmetics, one for electronics, and the last is for sports and fashion gifts, including glass Waterford, Swarovski, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton and Christofle.

There are kiosks, great raffles for DDF in the world now famous for luxury cars ($ 139 a ticket) and his new promotion, where you can earn multimillion U.S. $ 5 million if you’re willing to part with $ 1,360 for a ticket! Last October, Dubai International doubled its sales area of 7,000 square meters to 15,000 square meters with the opening of the new and highly acclaimed Emirates Terminal 3, which largely reproduces the offer T1, but in the new facility.

Dubai Airport

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