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Dubai Airport Taxi
dubai Airport Taxi
dubai Airport Taxi

Dubai Airport Taxi

All The Information You’ll Need About Dubai International Airport Taxis

Dubai, which is capital city of the Emirate of Dubai, has fast become a top tourist destination, offering visitors five-star restaurants and hotels, along with beautiful beaches, unbeatably sunny weather, plenty of activities and sightseeing, and shopping from souvenirs to high-end boutiques. And most people who are coming to Dubai on vacation will arrive through Dubai International Airport, also known by its International Air Transport Association code of DXB.

The airport is located about 15 miles (roughly 24 kilometers) from the center of Dubai, and there are several options for getting between the two locations. You can ride a bus, rent a car, take a Metro train, or use a taxi. There are several benefits of using a taxi, including that you’ll have complete privacy by traveling just with your companions, your luggage will be safely secured in the car’s trunk, and you will be taken to the exact location of your hotel or other destination.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation, a government entity, operates the taxis at the airport and the official vehicles are colored cream, making them easy to identify when you need a ride.

You can find official taxi pickup locations outside Terminal 1, 2 and 3 at the airport. Once you’ve landed and have collected your luggage, simply follow the signs in your terminal to the taxi area. If you need any help with directions, ask a member of airport staff for assistance.

Taxis are available 24 hours a day, meaning you should be able to get one regardless of the time that your flight lands. There are special taxis available for disabled passengers, and women can also order female-driven taxis between the hours of 6am and 2am. Taxis that are operated by female drivers are cream colored but will also have a pink trim.

Taxis from Dubai airport operate on meters, which means that the longer the journey, the more money it will cost because the ride is charged by time and distance.

An airport pickup fee of between 20 and 25 United Arab Emirates dirham (AED) will apply for any taxi rides that begin at DXB. If you are getting a taxi during night hours from 10pm to 6am, you will also have to pay a 25 AED surcharge, but there’s no surcharge during other others.

The minimum base fare by taxi is 12 AED, although the meter system means the final price will depend on where you’re heading in Dubai. For example, getting into the city center can cost 45 AED, whereas the trip to Bur Dubai will be about 30 AED, but remember to add on the cost of the surcharges as well to get the final total fare. You should plan on a slower journey if you are taking a taxi at busy times, such as rush hour, and a quicker ride at quieter times.

You’re not required to pay a tip to the driver when taking a taxi from the airport into Dubai, although it is customary to give a small tip if the ride was quick, smooth and friendly.

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(average charge – all included) From Dubai Airport DXB.

Destination Price Distance Time
Abu Dhabi 90€ 150 km 1 h 30 min
Jumeirah beach 30€ 77 km 110 min
Jumeirah Emirates Towers 30€ 16 km 20 min
Jumeirah Mosque 30€ 17 km 21 min
Al ain 110€ 149 km 1 h 42 min
Burj khalifa 30€ 14.7 km 20 min
Mall of The Emirates 30€ 31 km 38 min
Palm Jebel Ali 25€ 31 km 38 min
Aharjah airport 49€ 22 km 27 min
gold souk 30€ 11 km 13 min

Top Tips For Avoiding Scams With Dubai Airport Taxis

If you’re visiting Dubai, you’ll likely start your vacation by landing at Dubai International Airport. You’ll need to decide on how to get from the airport into the city center, which is a distance of roughly 15 miles (about 24 kilometers). There are several transportation options available at the airport, including a public bus, rental cars, Metro trains, or getting a ride in a taxi.

The vast majority of Dubai airport taxi drivers are well-trained, drive safely and are courteous to their customers. Official taxis at the airport have yellow taxi signs on the roof, and they are cream in color, but they might have different-colored roofs (for example, green, red or pink).

You can find taxi pickup standards located outside of Terminals 1, 2 and 3. You should only ever get in a taxi at one of these designated areas, and never get into a vehicle claiming to be a taxi anywhere else. Only trust airport employees to guide you to the taxis if you are lost.

One scam some people try to pull in the airport is approaching tourists within the terminal, claiming they are licensed taxi drivers, and offering what they say is a much cheaper fare than you’ll pay when using one of the official taxis. You should politely decline or just ignore such offers, because these unlicensed drivers actually tend to charge much higher fares than official taxis. Further, unofficial taxi drivers are also more likely to be uninsured, which means that if you get into a traffic accident during the ride you might not be able to claim any money from them.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation is the government organization that manages taxis at the airport, but unfortunately even in official taxis there is still the slim potential for a driver to try a scam.

One trick that they might try to pull is manipulating their meter so that you end up paying far more for the journey than you otherwise would if the meter was working properly. Taxi rides from Dubai airport are charged by time and distance and not a flat fare, and some untrustworthy drivers have been known to add on unnecessary charges and otherwise tamper with the meter.

Always check the numbers on the meter before the journey begins, the standard starting price for an airport taxi is 12 United Arab Emirates dirham (AED). If the figure on the meter is much higher than 12 AED then you should ask the driver about this before the ride begins.

However, it’s important to note that some surcharges are legitimate, for example if you are traveling between 10pm and 6am you’ll have to pay a 25 AED surcharge.

If a driver tells you at the end of the ride that tipping is mandatory, they are lying because there is no requirement in Dubai to tip your driver. However, you should consider giving a tip for good service in the event that the journey was smooth, quick and the driver was friendly.

Dubai Airport Taxi Rank - Terminal 2
Dubai Airport Taxi Rank – Terminal 2

FAQ About Dubai International Airport Taxis

After you have collected your luggage, look for signs within the terminal directing you to the official taxi pickup area, or ask an airport staff member for directions. You can find taxis outside of Terminals 1, 2 and 3 and they will all be cream-colored with yellow taxi signs on their roof.

The airport is 15 miles (about 24 kilometers) from the center of Dubai, and you can expect the ride to take between 15 and 20 minutes depending on your exact destination. The ride will be quicker at quiet travel times, and longer at peak traffic times such as during rush hour.

All taxis operating from the airport will charge you for the journey by meter, meaning the final fare will depend on the length of your ride, with longer journeys costing more money.

No, because these are unlicensed drivers not authorized to pick up passengers. They claim to provide cheaper fares but in reality you’ll end up paying them a lot more than an official taxi.

Unfortunately yes, even some authorized taxi drivers might try to scam you. One trick is to tamper with their meter so that it increases the overall fare. Or they might start the fare much higher than the standard 12 United Arab Emirates dirham (AED) baseline. If you see the meter with a more expensive price at the start of your ride, complain to your taxi driver.

es, there’s a 25 AED surcharge that will be added on to your fare total if you get a taxi ride from the airport during the hours of 10pm through to 6am.

Taxis operate at the airport 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you should only have a short wait to get a ride into Dubai regardless of the time of day that your flight lands.

No, tipping is optional. However, if your driver gave you a safe, clean and courteous ride from the airport to your final destination then you should consider giving them a tip as a thank you. By contrast, if you believe you received an unsafe ride then you should feel free to not leave a tip.

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