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The Dubai International Airport, which has the symbol DXB, is the largest of the Middle Eastern hubs. It is also the hub of Emirates, Dubai’s flag carrier, as well as the low cost FlyDubai. The recent influx of tourism to the emirate proves that the airport is in need of upgrading because it can appear to be busting at the seams, particularly during peak season and the peak hours of the day.

The airport has three terminals as well as a parking area and a place for car rentals.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 of the Dubai International Airport is classified as the main terminal. Most major airlines use this terminal and are where the long-haul flights arrive and depart. There are also several lounges in this area. This includes business class, first class as well as two quiet lounges.

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Terminal 2

Terminal 2 of DXB covers FlyDubai as well as some of the regional and low-cost flights. This terminal is commonly used by airlines coming in from CIS countries and Iran. It is also used for those who operate chartered flights. Most tourists don’t see this terminal, therefore there are no lounges located here.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 of the busy airport is the exclusive terminal of Emirates. All Emirates flights will arrive and depart out of this terminal. It is also considered the most luxurious of the three. There are four lounges located here as well. One for business and one for first class passengers. There are also two others that can be booked in advance that feature relaxation and various hospitality services.

Terminals 1 and 3 are connected to each other. It is here that the standard airport design can be found. When trying to get to Terminal 2, there are shuttle buses that go there, however they can be very sporadic. The Terminal 2 is also lacking in design, though it has recently undergone some renovations.

The concourse at the Dubai International Airport is filled with a variety of restaurants and shopping. The restaurants cover a wide range of international cuisine, allowing passengers the opportunity to sit and relax before or after a flight. This airport has also gained notoriety for its duty-free shopping. The prices are not necessarily very good, however the price on alcohol is. It is important to note that alcoholic beverages purchased cannot exceed 4 liters.

When leaving the airport, there is public transportation. Terminals 1 and 3 are serviced by the metro. There are also public transportation buses outside of baggage claim, which will take people into the city at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day.

Taxis are also readily available outside of the terminals. Taxis are very affordable and will take visitors directly from the airport to their hotel. Because of the safety of the city and the affordability of the taxis, this is a very common and popular form of transit outside of the airport.

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